Business Week in Review with Jeff Beauprez

The Extra: Business Week in Review with Jeff Beauprez, May 11, 2018

May 11, 2018

A full program for this edition of The Extra: Business Week with Jeff Beauprez. Equifax is in much deeper trouble than first thought because of what they did NOT disclose about the big breach. Because of that, you're likely to be more vulnerable Greg Snyder with Incognito Marketing is in-studio to discuss effective and successful messaging and marketing. E-mail phishing scams are getting more sophisticated and are on the rise. Learn what it will take to keep you and your company assets safe. Jeff has a special announcement as well about new strategic alliances BWiR is forming. BWiR airs Friday mornings live at 9:00 MDT, 15 hours UTC; streams live at and is available on-demand at