Business Week in Review with Jeff Beauprez

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June 20, 2018

Strong, longstanding ties to all levels of the business community bring these highly regarded observers of all things cybersecurity, politics and policy, risk management, banking and finance, commerce and the economy.  Their aim is to speak to these and many business topics on a higher level, providing solutions to business problems and fuel for business growth and expansion.  That includes all business.


As Business Week in Review host, Jeff Beauprez, has noted most emphatically there is no small, medium or big business in this context.  Overall, businesses experience the same problems and challenges.




Jeff Beauprez, Host

Jeff is a seasoned, highly successful business owner.  He is founder and principal of Colorado Networks and eVanics, a global IT engineering firm with offices in Colorado, Connecticut and Belgium, and, staff in strategic locales on several continents.


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