Business Week in Review with Jeff Beauprez

BWiR A Teams

April 3, 2019

Business Week in Review A Teams

BWiR A Team members are highly regarded and recognized subject matter authorities in their fields.  These individuals make regular visits to the program and offer news, analisys and commentary on business related issues of the day.  They are all business owners or highly placed excutives in Fortune 100 companies.


The Cyber Security A Team

BWiR_Cyber_A-Team.jpgShown above, our group of nationally and internationally recognized authorities on cyber security.  With direct connections spanning middle market to Fortune 100 companies, we greatly value their contributions to Business Week in Review.


Medical A-Team Leader


A seventeen-year veteran of the health care association industry, Mike Ware serves as the chief executive officer of the El Paso County Medical Society in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the state’s largest regional medical society.  In this role he leads the organization’s strategic initiatives, including WholePractus, the subsidiary helping physicians and their practices navigate today’s challenging business environment by providing nonclinical education, training, consulting, and support services focused on increasing their revenue, making their operations profitable, and streamlining their regulatory compliance.


The Business and Strategy A Team


Shown here, our team of formally recognized c-suite and entrepreneurial business strategists.  They deliver an international perspective backed by highly successful track records of leading and building financially healthy, prosperous companies.  


Business Strategy

As an executive in the financial services industry for 16 years, Robin Roberts understands the challenges that business owners experience with the financial aspects of business.  Robin has worked in banking for 23 years and served in the United States Army prior to her banking career.  In helping business owners find funding, she has learned that the financial side of business can be daunting and confusing.  As a result, she has spent nine years volunteering at the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center helping new and existing business owners get comfortable with their financial statements and use that knowledge to make key decisions in moving their businesses forward.


Real Property Investing and Management A-Team Leader


A 12 year veteran of the financial services industry, Amy brings her deep family background in real estate spanning two generations.  Her career experience includes extensive work in financial services and business ownership and operation.  She holds real property as investments and urges taking the long view – at least 5 years – when it comes to adding real estate to your investment portfolio.  Personally endorsed by Business Week in Review host, Jeff Beauprez, she is aligned with BWiR as our primary authority in matters of property management and investment; the economy and real estate as a barometer.


The Marketing A Team


Above, our elite team of marketing and advertising professionals who bring with them highly successful business growth and expansion experience.  These individuals specialize in the development of 'pull' marketing strategies.