BWiR A Teams

April 9, 2018

Business Week in Review A Teams

BWiR A Team members are highly regarded and recognized subject matter authorities in their fields.  These individuals make regular visits to the program and offer news, analisys and commentary on business related issues of the day.  They are all business owners or highly placed excutives in Fortune 100 companies.


The Cyber Security A Team


Shown above, our group of nationally and internationally recognized authorities on cyber security.  With direct connections spanning middle market to Fortune 100 companies, we greatly value their contributions to Business Week in Review.


The Business and Strategy A Team


Shown here, our team of formally recognized c-suite and entrepreneurial business strategists.  They deliver an international perspective backed by highly successful track records of leading and building financially healthy, prosperous companies.  


The Marketing A Team


Above, our elite team of marketing and advertising professionals who bring with them highly successful business growth and expansion experience.  These individuals specialize in the development of 'pull' marketing strategies.